Sweepstakes Software

Sweepstakes software is one of the most vital tools to start a sweepstakes business. But you need the right software to succeed in the business. Ultrapower Games is one of the best sweepstakes software distributors in the market, and it can give you that. 

Our sweepstakes software comes with additional reporting, management, and payment processing that allows you to integrate these features and run your business successfully. 

We also offer industry-standard sweepstakes games, guaranteed to bring in more customers. Furthermore, we have the expertise and know exactly what you’re customers need, and we provide them with our sweepstakes solution.

Ability To Customize 

The ability to customize is one of the essential features that casino operators search for when starting their sweepstakes gaming platform. Using our sweepstakes software, you can create a one-of-a-kind platform that attracts customers. 

Our sweepstakes program makes it easy to access all of these options. You can personalize the standard design tools, such as

Technical Support 

Ultrapower Games have the best professionals dedicated to giving you the best service. You’ll get annual updates covering the entire process, from its inception to the launch and post-launch phases of your sweepstakes business. 

Regarding any problems you may have while using the software, Ultrapower Games is always there to help. You can always use our live chat or email us, and our team will gladly help you. We'll never leave you stranded.

Payment Integration

It’s crucial to have numerous payment options for your sweepstakes business. That can also help you increase your customer base. That way, your customers can choose the one that best works for them.

Ultrapower Games integrates the most widely used payment processing providers into your sweepstakes business. You can integrate cash transfers, credit or debit cards, e-wallets, Bitcoin, and more.

Reporting and Statistics

Get instant reports whenever you want using Ultrapower Games sweepstakes software. It’s now easier than ever to keep tabs on your financial transactions. You can get the big picture or get what your staff and customers are doing. 

The statistical data generated by our sweepstakes software helps you make an informed decision. For instance, putting out the word about a sale or discount might tell you just when to expect the biggest rush. As a result, our data analysis tool can potentially increase your business's bottom line.