Internet Cafe Software


Ultrapower Games’ Internet Cafe Software Offers The Best Features In The Industry

It's not easy to start and maintain a successful internet cafe. But our internet cafe software can do that. Our software ensures you save time and money while expanding your casino business. 

Ultrapower Games offers various configuration settings for users to experiment with. Using our technology, you can quickly and easily restrict access to any folder or desktop with a single command. 

It's easier to track and charge customers for the internet, gambling machines, office, and other applications.

Bullet-Proof Security 

Security is one of the essential things in internet cafes. If you don't have top-notch security, it can be challenging to attract more customers. No players want their information leaked, and some prefer to be anonymous. 

Our internet cafe casino software comes with high-level security. So hackers can't break through. Your players will feel secure every time. For example, after each session, all the passwords, history, and other relevant data are deleted automatically. 

So your customers have nothing to worry about. 

Easy Management Tool

You'll need our internet casino software to keep track of all your clients and employees. We set up several levels of authentication to ensure that no others can access any private information. 

You can limit your staff's access to sensitive information, their ability to steal trade secrets, and their ability to commit fraud.

Different users, such as managers, admins, and cashiers, will have access to different parts of our internet cafe software. That way, they can have access to the resources they need to conduct their work without being able to view private data.

You can also view the times and dates employees logged into the system. That can help you track your staff’s activities. 

Track Your Bandwith 

Ultrapower Games’ internet cafe software helps you stabilize your internet cafe connection. In other words, you can limit how much bandwidth a customer uses on a computer. You can also charge extra cash if they exceed the limit. 

Downloading or uploading massive files can affect the internet’s overall quality. So setting the limits or charging for extra can help you stabilize the internet or earn extra income for the business. 

Usage Requirements And Usage Restrictions

If you feel it is necessary, computer time can be restricted. For example, if a customer's deposit hasn't been used up, you can immediately prevent them from using any computer in your cafe. Once the issue has been resolved, you can remove the limits on the computer and resume business. 

Our online gambling software includes several helpful security features. Requests to read or write to a USB device from the client are included.

If an unauthorized person were to introduce a flash drive into your computer and open it, it might affect your system's security. Also, legally distributed software can have security flaws, whereas free or cheap software can have none. 

As a result, cutting-edge, hacker-resistant software is a must for public Wi-Fi hotspots.